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"Ankwin - Death of a Warrior" is my first novel.

In a village high up in the northern mountains, the herbwoman Helmin Aga Rothaar has been taking care of an old hermit for months already. When he dies, peculiar strangers suddenly appear and want a funeral ceremony.
Theodus is a mage, who lives off a good reputation from many years ago. Moved by the letter from a long lost friend, he trawls his memories and old documents. In the process, he reveals a well-kept secret.
The young nobleman Ankwin travels to the royal city to live with his uncle and gain insight into the city’s courtly life. Because of his imprudence and thirst for action, he gets involved in a trial of which the consequences will determine his fate.



Excerpt of "Ankwin - Death of a Warrior"

Map (german version)


Karte von Billgat


Trailer "Ankwin - Tod eines Kriegers"


Amazon Best Sellers Rank:     #459,617 (Paid in Kindle Store)    Date 06/04/2016

Kindle Store [...] Fantasy Rank:  #2256                               Date 06/04/2016